< What is The Video Crush? >

It's a resource for employeeprenuers, wantrepreneurs, coaches, and speakers.  The Video Crush provides you with the very best video marketing help possible. 

Have you felt that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach because you've been putting tons of work into your growth, and you just can't get the ball rolling forward?  Then, I can help you move the needle.

 If you're Apple-based, even better!  Apple hardware and software is the single best investment you can make in a video marketing strategy.

< Scott Markowitz >

The Video Crush is  powered by me, Scott Markowitz.
I'm a 20+ year verteran (and counting) as a TV/Film/Advertising Editor.   over my career, I've worked with some of the largest advertising and PR companies on the East Coast, and I love to teach the biggest strategies I've picked up along the way.  As the lead editor for shows on Food Network, and Discovery, I've got some serious video production/editing chops, but I don't want to keep my bag-o-tricks all to my self!

Scott Markowitz

Chief Sharing Officer

I'm a nerd who loves my family, my dog, and to immerse myself in video marketing strategy all day long!   I'd also love to share it with you, so you can get the results that you've been looking for.